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Introduction : The Department of Sericulture was formed in the year 1981. Originally the Sericulture Industry was one of the branches in Industries Department and subsequently it was brought under Handlooms & Textiles department as one of the wings.

In view of the enormous growth of the industry, Sericulture was separated from Handlooms & Textiles and a separate Department of Sericulture was formed in the year 1981 with a   Senior I.A.S., officer as the Director.

Today the department has expanded not only in its cadre strength but also in implementation of various beneficiary oriented schemes for upliftment of the rural poor and eradicate  the  problem  of  unemployment.  At  present  this  department  is  headed by Smt. C.S. Rama Lakshmi, a senior I.F.S., officer with supporting staff of 2490 including all cadres of the staff and workers, working for the welfare of the poorest of poor.
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